FAB CE CEO Meeting held in Vienna – Dragan Bilać new CEOC Chairman

Dragan BilacThe 11th FAB CE CEO Meeting was held in Vienna on May 21. In accordance with the ANSP agreement the chairmanship was transferred from the current chairman Johann Zemsky, Austro Control to Dragan Bilać, Director General of Croatia Control. The transfer will go into effect June 1, the term will run for one year.

Dragan Bilać (1970) graduated from the Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

He started his career in the Technical Division of Croatia Airlines, continued it in Siemens Information and Communication and came to Croatia Control Ltd (CCL) in 2003, where he was first appointed as safety manager of CroATMP (Croatian Air Traffic Management Modernisation Project).


He also led the implementation of the safety management system (SMS) in CCL and, from 2007 to February 2013, he was in charge of the CCL Safety and Quality Department.  He was FAB CE Safety Sub-Committee Manager (2008-2013) and Eurocontrol Safety Team Member (2007-2013). In March 2013 he was appointed Director General of CCL.Johann Zemsky and Dragan Bilac

Among other topics discussed at the FAB CEOC were updates on the status of Subcommittee activities as well as the ongoing FAB CE Strategy Development.


FAB CE Strategy update under development

After the formal establishment of FAB CE on December 4th, 2012 the FAB CE CEO Committee adopted the FAB CE “Strategic Orientation” leading to a FAB CE Strategy update by the end of 2013, which should reflect the goals of Single European Sky, the European Network Strategy Plan as well as SESAR. The task was assigned to four newly appointed task forces: “Cost Containment”, “Common Business and Performance Planning”, “Staff Usage” and “Concept of Operation”.  Together with the Subcommittees and the Program Manager they will provide input to the strategy development process. The most important goal is to develop a common FAB CE Performance Plan which will serve as foundation for reaching the Single European Sky performance targets still to be determined for RP 2 (2015 – 2019).

10th FAB CE CEO Committee meeting held in Ljubljana

CEOC LJUThe 10th FAB CE CEO Committee took place in Ljubljana on March 22nd on the premises of Slovenia Control. The main topics on the agenda included the on-going FAB CE strategy development and an update on coordination procedures for the FAB Performance Body. The CEOs as well as other meeting participants took the opportunity to pay a visit to the recently opened ACC.



Project Functional Integration of ASM/ATFCM Processes - Final Report

The ASM/ATFCM integrated process was recognized as a key element to improve FAB CE operation by 2015. Within FAB CE this project was set up to investigate how regional ASM/ATFCM processes can be integrated and implemented.

This included:

- Analysis of the current situation
- Validation of possible solutions for improvements through simulations and trials
- Live Trial (May 2012) and Real Time Simulation (October 2012)
- Support the development of validation and implementation process in the FAB CE
- Production of ASM operational requirements to achieve consistency for the region

Final report - recommendations (2013-2015)

The recommendations of the final report include among other points the continued harmonization and upgrades of National ASM/ATFCM systems for 2013 – 2015 and the development of harmonized integrated FAB CE ASM/ATFCM processes, based on the results of the Live Trial.

In terms of safety assessment activities, the main focus will be on reviewing and validating the assumptions made within the scope of the preliminary safety assessment activities during the pre-implementation and implementation phase as well as carrying out detailed pre-implementation safety assessment of the particular integration model selected for implementation.

Leaflet 1 - Final Project Report
Leaflet 2 - Report Real Time Simulation 

Bosnia-Herzegovina ratifies FAB CE Agreement

Bosnia-Herzegovina has become the seventh and final state to ratify the FAB CE Agreement. As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Slovenia informed the contracting states, the respective Instrument of ratification was deposited on February 6th, 2013. The agreement will subsequently enter into force for Bosnia-Herzegovina on April 7, 2013.

EU Notice on FAB CE published

The Notice concerning the implementation of Article 9a(7) of Regulation (EC) No 550/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the provision of air navigation services in the single European sky (Publication of Member States' decisions establishing functional airspace blocks) regarding FAB CE has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Notice (2013/C 31/10).