FAB CE Newsletter Winter 2015

FAB CE Newsletter Winter 2015 (pdf)

In this Issue:

  • - Dr Franc Željko Županič, CEOC chair
  • - FAB CE strategy aligns with EC targets
  • - FCE manages project implementation
  • - Free Route Airspace achievements
  • - Safety policy unites member states
  • - PRB welcomes performance plan
  • - TEC Sub-Committee targets costs
  • - Sharing common training tools


DCT options expand across several FABs

Inter-FAB cooperation FAB EC, FAB CE, UK-Ireland FAB

47 new plannable direct routes (DCT) have come into operation in continental Europe, covering the northwest-southeast axis between the United Kingdom and Hungary. In February 2016, more DCTs will be added that stretch through the UK to the Eastern borders of Ireland.

The new route options were developed in summer 2015 by experts from Austro Control, HungaroControl, Maastricht UAC and NATS under the auspices of the DFS control centre Karlsruhe . The objective of the initiative is to optimise the central European DCT network along the European main traffic flow in close cooperation with the Network Manager (EUROCONTROL). Today, airspace users can avail themselves of well over 1.000 DCTs in this highly frequented airspace.

Against this backdrop, the main focus of the experts was twofold: optimising the existing DCT network along a main traffic flow stretching across several FABs, including FABEC, the UK-Ireland FAB and FAB CE; and connecting the DCT network in the dense central European airspace with the Hungarian free route airspace offering new flexibile options to the airspace users.

Based on calculations of the Network Manager (EUROCONTROL), these new routes will allow airlines to save up to 785 tonnes of fuel per year. Emissions of CO2 will be reduced in the magnitude of 2,616 tonnes.

Map of DCTs

Gate One to play active Role in inter-FAB Cooperation

gate oneThe members of the GATE One (GO) initiative, which is one of the largest regional ANSP platforms in Europe, agreed to play a more active role to explore potential for future inter-FAB cooperation. The CEOs of the GO Initiative which includes designated ANSPs covering 3 existing FABs (Baltic FAB, Danube FAB and FAB CE) and 2 non-EU FIRs (Belgrade and Skopje) - at their meeting in Sofia on 3rd December agreed to strengthen their operational and technical cooperation.

As a pilot common project the CEOs proposed to launch a study to synchronize cross-border Free Route (FRA) implementation in the region for the airspace serviced by GO members. The participating CEOs went along with the opinion to keep GO as a cooperation platform. „The ANSP members supported the proposed vision, which will allow us to work more closely together among others for airspace optimization, thus to be able to offer the best possible longer term ATM solutions for our airspace users” – said Miroslav Bartos, Chairman of the GO CEO Committee meeting. GO members will continue with their ongoing FAB development and national ATM improvement projects. GO FRA shall be developed on top of the existing ATM efforts being a kind of regional FRA umbrella project. It will be built step by step, making best use of the lessons learnt from similar regional initiatives and to get common benefits from SES/SESAR deployment.    

Another significant outcome of the meeting was the accession of SMATSA (the Serbian-Montenegro ANSP) and M-NAV (Macedonian ANSP) to the GO initiative. „We are very pleased to join the GO initiative, thus we can act as a bridge between our region and other initiatives. We look forward to working on airspace defragmentation together with all GO members. Our airspace is an important transit corridor and we need to develop a synchronized FRA Concept of Operation in close cooperation with our neighbouring ANSPs.  For us, GATE One is also a „door” which can bring us to a future pan-European Single Sky” – stated the SMATSA and the M-NAV delegation. 

Note to editors GATE One (GO) is a bottom up regional ANSP initiative established in 2013. The members of GO are ANS Czech Republic, Austro Control, BHANSA, BULATSA, Croatia Control, HungaroControl, LPS Slovak Republic, M-NAV, ORO NAVIGACIJA, PANSA, Romatsa, Slovenia Control and SMATSA. In 2014 GO members provided air navigation services for 3.4 million of IFR flights in 3 FABs. This is about 35% of the total number of European Air Traffic. The GO average cost of ANS provision remained well below the European Key Performance Area (KPA) cost efficiency target.                                            


FAB CE Social Dialogue Forum held in Ljubljana

Social Dialogue Charter amended - ATCO Mobility Paper Signed DSC01874 small

The second FAB CE Social Dialogue Forum was held on November 19 in Ljubljana. Chaired by Franc Željko Županič, CEOC Chairman, and co-chaired by Mr. Željko Oreški (Alpe Adria Alliance), the Forum was attended by over 40 participants, including observers from SMATSA Trade Union. The Forum was conducted in a very positive and constructive manner by all participants.

Two major milestones were achieved at the Social Dialogue Forum in Ljubljana. First the Social Dialogue Charter was amended, paving the way for the FAB CE Alpe Adria Alliance to officially join the Social DialogueDSC01879 small. This represents a significant step in further improving and solidifying the good relationship between ANSPs and unions.

This was followed by the signing of the ATCO Mobility Paper by the CEOC  and the ATCO unions. After months of intensive discussions an agreement was finally reached. The paper contains the common position of Air Navigation Services Providers and the ATCO Unions regarding the mobility of ATCOs. Among the principles agreed upon were that ATCO mobility should not be used as a tool to introduce social dumping and that a consultation process should be set up at a national level to avoid conflicts. The positive outcome of this Social Dialogue Forum was a perfect showcase of ANSPs and unions working together to achieve results, which benefit all parties.

Other topics on the agenda included updates on the FAB CE Strategy, the FAB CE Legal Entity, FAB CE Just Culture and the FAB CE Safety Performance Indicators.   

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FAB CE and DANUBE FAB sign ANSP Cooperation Agreement

ANSP Cooperation Agreement signed by DANUBE FAB and FAB CE aims towards the optimisation of air traffic management (ATM) in the region

An agreement at Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP) level between DANUBE FAB and FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) was signed on 14 October 2015 by the Co-Chairmen of the DANUBE FAB ANSP Board and the Chairman of the FAB CE CEO Committee, with the aim of establishing and enhancing cooperation in ATM in the two adjacent Functional Airspace Blocks.

The Agreement was signed with the occasion of the Second Inter-FAB Coordination Workshop organised by the DANUBE FAB in Bucharest, where all nine FABs attended with a view to enhance cooperation and share lessons learned.

Through the signature of this Agreement, DANUBE FAB and FAB CE have created a framework for cooperation for nine ANSPs; BULATSA and ROMATSA on the part of DANUBE FAB, and Austro Control, BHANSA, Croatia Control, ANS CR, HungaroControl, LPS SR and Slovenia Control on the part of FAB CE. Establishing a flexible cooperation mechanism, the agreement will contribute towards the safe, efficient and optimised provision of air navigation services.

The Agreement supports the Single European Sky legislation, with the aim of providing a safer, more cost-efficient, environment-friendly and performance-driven service. The areas of cooperation under the Agreement include the areas of operations, technical, training, performance and safety.

DANUBE FAB and FAB CE are committed to continue engaging with neighbouring EU and non-EU States so as to deliver additional benefits and further contribute towards better performance. This signing completes a set of three agreements, between BLUE MED FAB, DANUBE FAB and FAB CE , which collectively form a triangle of cooperation in the region, laying a strong foundation to improve performance throughout South-Eastern and Central Europe.

New FAB CE CEOC Chair, Dr. Franc Željko Županič

CEO ZupanicDr. Franc Željko Županič, CEO Slovenia Control, was elected FAB CE chair at the 21st FAB CEO meeting in May 2015 for a period of 12 months:

"The state of play of FAB CE is promising in mid- 2015, with some important milestones accomplished. The RPII Performance Plan with adequate targets submitted to the European Commission, FAB CE legal entity functioning, reorganisation of projects ongoing, trustful relations among partners… Regardless of those facts, as the new CEO Committee Chairman, I am aware, there is still a lot to be done.

The continuation and further development of safe and efficient provision of ATM services in the FAB CE region is of paramount importance, and, with ongoing disturbances in traffic flows in Europe, proper steps in this regard are even more necessary. On the service provision side we will strive to bring the needed capacity while meeting the targets promised in the performance plan. On the project and planning side, the focus will be on the OPS (operations) and TEC (technology) domains, where the FAB CE Free Route Airspace initiative with the needed CONOPS and ATM system requirements will be our main concern in the coming twelve months".