FAB CE improves cross-border service provision with development of common technical and service level agreement

The FAB CE CEO Committee, in its 10 June 2021 meeting, has approved the report and recommendations of the technical services agreement (TSA) and service level agreement (SLA) working group, set up to develop template agreements for sharing air traffic management (ATM) and communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) infrastructure data between FAB CE air navigation surveillance providers (ANSPs), a critical step in implementing cross-border digitalisation technology programmes.

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FAB CE Airspace Task Force adds Free Route capacity and reduces controller workload

For FAB CE’s Airspace Task Force - a working group of all FAB CE air navigation service providers (ANSPs), Network Manager and representatives of ANSPs adjacent to the FAB CE region - the last few months have been a busy period following the January 2021 meeting which agreed further expansion of free route airspace (FRA) procedures across the important central/south-east European region and re-sectorising of several cross-border airspace areas between individual States (

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InterFAB Expert Talk: Volatility in air traffic – a growing challenge for the aviation sector

Unexpected geopolitical events, extreme weather and shifting passenger preferences make traffic forecasting difficult. The increase in these events presents resource challenges for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) who rely on demand forecasts to plan infrastructure investment, typically over five to seven year’ cycles. In the fifth InterFAB Expert Talk on 24 June 2021, hosted by FAB CE, industry experts came together to discuss volatility in air traffic and the delivery of cost-effective services in the aftermath of COVID-19.

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FAB CE identifies multiple benefits from common CNS equipment procurement

FAB CE’s communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) infrastructure planning project – which has investigated potential savings available from developing equipment procurement programmes  among FAB CE air navigation service providers (ANSPs) on a regional rather than national basis – has identified up to EUR12.4 million savings in equipment procurement costs over the next few years.

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