The CEO Committee of FAB CE meets in Vienna on February 16th 2011. The FAB CE Social Dialogue Charter is Signed

During the FAB CE CEO Committee held in Vienna on February 16 the Social Dialogue Charter was signed. The main focus of the charter is to define the flow of information between the CEO Committee and Unions as well as special interest groups (e.g. IFATCA, ATCEUC, ETF, IFATSEA) in particular regarding workplace related issues. In this mutual exchange of information FAB CE documents, minutes and status reports will be provided. In a to be founded “Consultation Forum” SES II issues will be open for discussion to all partners on a regular basis and taken into account in the future decision making process. 

FAB CE CEO-Committee reaches agreement on ANSP Cooperation

At the meeting of the FAB CE CEO Committee on December 15 in Vienna an agreement was reached on the future cooperation of ANSPs.
Among the most important issues, this agreement defines the organisational structure as well as the decision making process in FAB CE. Main purpose of this agreement is to facilitate the implementation of FAB CE on the ANSP level with the main goal of improving the flow of air traffic in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental impact. This agreement reached by all FAB CE Partners represents a major milestone on route to a common functional airspaceblock by 2012."

The 3rd FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop will be held in Vienna on 9th June 2010

The 3rd FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop will be held in Vienna on 9th June 2010, starting at 09:00.

The draft Agenda and a Social Dialogue Charter have been sent to Social Partners for their input, together with all Deliverables of the Project’s Preparatory Phase.

Preparatory meetings at level of Working Group (OPS TECH and HR) and Social Partners experts are being also proposed for the 8th June afternoon, in Vienna.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the 7 States in FAB CE on 18th November 2009

The FABCE Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministries of Transport of the Republic of Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Slovenia has been signed at Bratislava on 18th November 2009.    

The purpose of this Memorandum is to establish a general framework of cooperation among the States, including their National Supervisory Authorities and respective military authorities, aimed at the establishment of FAB CE and to create the interfaces enabling the coordination between the States and ANSPs.
The States will endeavour to establish the FAB CE and to jointly proceed towards the conclusion of a FAB CE Agreement by the end of April 2010. To this end, the States will establish a FAB CE Preparatory Structure.