1st Social Dialgue Forum 2012 held in Prague

The 1st Social Dialgoue  Forum 2012 was held at Prague Jeneč at Czech ANS premises on 14 March 2012. More than 30 participants attended the meeting, co-chaired by Mr. Jan Klas, the current FAB CE CEOC Chairman, and by Mr. Janos Lakatos, Danube ATCU. 

At the beginning of the meeting a detailed overview regarding the current status of the FAB  CE projects was given by the FAB CE Program Manager. He informed about the imminent setting up of the Project Support Office (PSO) and concluded that Legal framework for compliance with SES shows no problem.

The "Procedure of Distribution of SD relevant information to SD partners" was discussed and noted that in the future some improvements concerning the flow of information should be made. The new FAB-CE website was presented, where current information and news on FAB CE developments will be made available to the public.

In addition,  the "Social Partners´ Position Paper on ATCO mobility" was presented and discussed. The CEOC Chairman confirmed that no Forced Mobility is envisaged in FAB CE. The SD Partners’ Paper on Mobility will be distributed to the CEOC Meeting and commented by the CEOC Chairman.

It was noted the need expressed by the FABCE Alliance Representative to develop a Roadmap along the points in the Letter sent to the current FAB CE CEOC Chairman on the issue of taking care of all social aspects in FAB CE developments.

The next SD Forum 2012 will take place on October 17th.

New FAB CE Website is online

We are pleased to announce, that the FAB CE Website has gone online. You will find alll the current information and developments regarding FAB CE on the site.  We invite you to take a close look at If you have any feedback or questions please let us know.









Social Dialogue in Prague

The 4th Social Dialogue Forum, which is the first in FAB CE Implementation Phase, was held on 24 November 2011, at Czech ANS premises in Prague. The Forum, co–chaired by Mr. Jan Klas, CEOC Chairman, and Mr. Norbert Payr, Danube ATCU, was attended by some 40 participants, representing all FAB CE Social Dialogue Partners. The main topics of discussion included a presentation of the new FAB CE organizational structure, a summary of the numerous projects with their current status and a special focus on Human Resources and training issues. The Forum proved to be successful and all Partners expressed their satisfaction with the meeting. This should represent the start of a new phase in FAB CE SD process. In his closing remarks CEO Chairman Jan Klas thanked all participants, stressing the importance of such meetings. He assured three Social Dialogue meetings in 2012 scheduled for March, June and October. In the future Management and Social Partners, he added, will prepare the next Agendas together, focusing on all the issues relevant to the parties involved. 

FAB CE Program Management Function established

By a decision of the FAB CE CEO Committee on September 30 a Program Management Function has been established for FAB CE. Ivan Hubert of ANS CZ (Photo) was appointed as the Program Manager. The main tasks of the
Program Management Function will include:

  • to support projects; to manage deliverables from projects;
  • to request and receive regular project reports from project leaders;
  • to evaluate the risks and changes; and
  • to assess compliance with project requirements.

The Program Management Function will also produce regular Progress Reports and will propose actions to the Steering and CEO Committees.    


Jan Klas elected new Chairman of the FAB CE CEO Committee

Jan Klas, CEO of the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, was unanimously elected Chairman of the FAB CE CEO Committee (CEOC). This is the first chairmanship in accordance with the new ANSP Cooperation Agreement, which was signed on May 5 in Brdo, Slovenia. The term runs for one year, after which the Chairmanship is determined alphabetically. We wish the new Chairman the best of luck and a successful hand in moving the implementation of FAB CE forward.     


Milestone for FAB-CE: FAB and ANSP Agreements signed

May 5th, 2011 marks an important milestone on the road to a successful implementation of FAB CE by December 2012. At Brdo Castle, Slovenia high ranking representatives from all FAB CE states, including Ministers of Transport and CEOs of the respective ANSPs, have, with their signature, laid the groundwork for the future cooperation on State as well as ANSP level. The following documents were signed:

  • The FAB CE Agreement, a State Treaty defining the legal and structural framework for the implementation of FAB CE, while also determining the scope of services each State brings to the table.
  • The ANSP agreement, which defines the cooperation between ANSPs with the goal of ensuring an efficient realisation of FAB CE on the operational level.

The spirit at today’s ceremony is very encouraging, in view of the work to be done in the coming months. FAB CE is on track and will play a vital part in the long term success of the Single European Sky.