FAB CE completes FAB-wide datalink safety survey

FAB CE air navigation service providers (ANSPs) have pooled their resources and expertise to conduct a single safety audit of datalink services which covers the entire functional airspace block.

According to (EU) No 1035/2011 Annex II, 3.1.2 (e) providers of air traffic services have to carry out a safety management system audit of controller pilot data link communications (CPDLC) providers to ensure “adequate justification of the safety of the externally provided services and supplies, having regard to their safety significance within the provision of its external services and supplies”.

FAB CE ANSPs decided to centralize this function by developing a common FAB CE level safety survey to provide an overview and evidence for specific safety aspects in the provision of datalink services to FAB CE ANSPs.

“The survey has been a major success in regard to the fulfillment of the scope and received feedback from all the involved stakeholders,” said Andreas Dvorak, chairman of the FAB CE Safety Sub Committee. “It was the first time air/ground communication service providers have been involved in such a safety survey and the aim and outcome of the survey was really appreciated by them. The result is now available for all FAB CE ANSPs and is a very effective and efficient control measure.”

The survey was carried out by four safety surveyors from three different FAB CE ANSPs and was performed in compliance with FAB CE rules and procedures for performing safety surveys on a FAB CE level, which are harmonized and defined within the FAB CE Safety Management System.

Planning activities took place in Vienna, Budapest and Prague, hosted by each ANSP, and onsite-visits have been carried out at the European headquarters of the global air/ground communication service provider.