Milestone for FAB-CE: FAB and ANSP Agreements signed

May 5th, 2011 marks an important milestone on the road to a successful implementation of FAB CE by December 2012. At Brdo Castle, Slovenia high ranking representatives from all FAB CE states, including Ministers of Transport and CEOs of the respective ANSPs, have, with their signature, laid the groundwork for the future cooperation on State as well as ANSP level. The following documents were signed:

  • The FAB CE Agreement, a State Treaty defining the legal and structural framework for the implementation of FAB CE, while also determining the scope of services each State brings to the table.
  • The ANSP agreement, which defines the cooperation between ANSPs with the goal of ensuring an efficient realisation of FAB CE on the operational level.

The spirit at today‚Äôs ceremony is very encouraging, in view of the work to be done in the coming months. FAB CE is on track and will play a vital part in the long term success of the Single European Sky.