FAB CE Releases Positive RP2 Performance Plan – Complete Compliance

FAB Central Europe (FAB CE), bringing together air navigation service providers (ANSPs) from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia, has now published its Performance Plan for the second Reference Period, 2015-2019 (RP2), excluding Bosnia and Herzegovina due to its non-EU membership status.

The plan shows significant performance improvement in all areas: safety, environmental performance, capacity and cost efficiency. FAB CE is even exceeding the targets set by the European Commission. 

The main performance plan figures for ANSPs are as follows:

Key Performance Area

RP2 EU-wide Target

FAB CE Performance



Efficiency of Safety Management

Safety Culture – Level C by 2019

All other areas – Level D by 2019

Level D for all areas

Use of RAT methodology

SMIs - >=80% by 2017, 100% by 2019

RIs - >=80% by 2017, 100% by 2019

ATM-S - >=80% by 2017, 100% by 2019

SMIs – 94,17% by 2017, 100% by 2019

RIs – 93,33% by 2017, 100% by 2019

ATM-S – 92,5% by 2017, 100% by 2019

Just Culture

Must apply Just Culture

100% compliance



Flight Efficiency

2,6% of KEA value in 2019

1,99% of KEA value in 2015

1,81% of KEA value by 2019



Flight Delay

0.50 minutes per flight during RP2

0.32 minutes in 2015

0.29 minutes by 2019

Cost Efficiency


Aggregate determined unit cost decrease



Determined Unit Cost 2015

€ 56.64

€ 48.57

Determined Unit Cost 2019

€ 49.10

€ 42.83


Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) are a fundamental part of Europe’s plans to build single European airspace, in order to deliver safer, more efficient and seamless air traffic management for the benefit of all airspace users and their passengers. Those benefits must be real and measurable, in accordance with the requirements of the EC.


Commenting on the figures, the Chairman of the FAB CE CEO Committee Dragan Bilac said: “These figures show that the hard work of all FAB CE members is gaining benefits. They show a very positive development and prove that FAB CE is on track to meet its targets”.


“The targets are feasible and indicate that our members are contributing very positively to meeting this important European goal. I would like to thank all of our staff for their hard work so far and I am confident we will achieve these targets”, he continued.