FAB CE Performance Plan Presented to Stakeholders


A Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE) Performance Plan was presented on 29 April 2014 at stakeholder’s consultation meeting between the representatives of FAB CE (states, national supervisory bodies, service providers) and air navigation service users (airlines) in Prague.

The FAB CE was established in 2011 within the common initiative of seven states (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Hungary, The Czech Republic and Slovakia) and air navigation service providers (ANSP) in Central Europe, following the EU initiative for the creation of the Single European Sky (SES) independent of state borders.

One of the most important tasks within ANSPs cooperation in the FAB CE is the development of a common performance plan (FAB CE Performance Plan) for a 5-year period (2015 -2019), comprising four key areas in air traffic management: safety, capacity, environment and cost-effectiveness.

A Draft Plan indicates significant improvements in all areas where the FAB CE aims to completely meet the requirements set by the EC, such as a decrease in delays from 0.32 minutes per flight in 2015 to 0.29 minutes per flight in 2019, and a decrease in the determined unit cost from EUR 48.6 in 2015 to EUR 42.8 in 2019.