FAB CE Performance Plan for Single European Sky RP 2 signed in Budapest

pp thmbMain objectives improvement of flight efficiency and safety

On 7 May, 2015 in Budapest, directors general of aviation from the six FAB CE states laid down plans for the next few years in order to increase the overall efficiency of air navigation services. The performance plan for the 2015-2019 period sets national and common objectives for safety, environment, capacity and cost efficiency.

The most important aviationendeavour of the European Union is the implementation of the Single European Sky by the comprehensive re-organisation of the European airspace, to improve safety, the environmental impact, capacity and cost efficiency of European aviation One of the key elements of achieving these goals is the establishment of nine functional airspace blocks (FABs) instead of the previously existing state boundary-based system of the European airspace.

In order to increase cooperation between the air navigation services of FABs, action and investment plans are prefixed in five-year based performance plans to be finalised by the Member States, consulted with airlines and approved by the European Commission. The developments and operation of air navigation services aligned to these performance plans contribute to the radical reduction of the significant delays previously experienced in the European airspace as well as to a decrease in fuel consumption and emissions by setting up shorter and more efficient route network. The official FAB CE Performance Plan for the second Single European Sky Reference Period (RP2 2015 – 2019) was now signed in Budapest.