FAB CE Social Dialogue in Budapest

FAB CE Air navigation service providers and representatives of trade unions from the FAB CE region came together for the first Social Dialogue meeting of 2015 on May 19 at the headquarters of HungaroControl in Budapest.

The meeting was chaired by Kornél Szepessy, CEO HungaroControl and the head of the Croatian Air Traffic Controllers´ Association, Zeljko Oreski. More than 40 participants discussed numerous topics ranging from the current status of SES2+, the FAB CE Performance Plan and ongoing activities regarding interFAB cooperation. One major point of the discussion was on how to deal with unplanned traffic increases caused by regional crises. Jozsef Bakos, Head of ATM at HungaroControl, presented the common approach developed by the FAB CE OPS Sub Committee (Presentation:  “A common FAB CE Plan to cope with sudden heavy increase of traffic”)

Matej Eljon,  the newly appointed Director of  FAB CE Aviation Ltd., talked about the new Compnay and ongoing call for tenders for project support services. Danube ATCU called for a common FAB CE approach for "Just Culture Guidelines". In addition, union representatives recommended the harmonization of the quantitative Safety Indicators.