FAB CE: Important results achieved in the past 12 Months

Chairmanship of the CEO Committee goes to Slovenia

In accordance with the FAB CE ANSP Cooperation Agreement signed in May 2011, Franc Željko Županič, Chief Executive Officer of Slovenia Control has taken over the chairmanship of the CEO Committee from Kornél Szepessy, CEO of HungaroControl. The term will run for one year until June 2016.

One of the major milestones in the past twelve months in respect of FAB CE operations was the founding of the joint venture company “FAB CE Aviation Services Ltd.”. Following several years of preparation, the founding document was signed by representatives of the FAB CE countries that are members of the European Union in October 2014. The purpose of the company established for joint procurement is to support the progress of the FAB CE Programme, and thus the implementation of the European Union’s Single European Sky programme. Currently, the main goal of the cooperation is to establish a joint project management.

An InterFAB agreement was signed by the member states of FAB CE and BLUE MED FAB (Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta). The cooperation set the objectives to implement safer, more cost-efficient, more performance-oriented and more sustainable air navigation, and to establish several similar collaborations in the future. The first InterFab coordination workshop was held in Amsterdam in November 2014. The representatives of nine European functional airspace blocks shared their experiences on implementation of FABs and discussed the planned introduction of the Free Route concept in Europe.

Considerable progress was made in reviving the FAB CE Social Dialogue. The completion of the Social Dialogue Charter that serves as a basis for the dialogue between the unions and ANSPs, considerably moved forward.