ANSP News: BHANSA - Significant investments in control towers, radars, facilities at all four airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) plans strategic capital investments this year that will result in significant improvement of these services at all four airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The strategic plan of capital investment for the Sarajevo location includes the design of a completely new control tower at the Sarajevo International Airport, at a new location to be determined by the Agency in cooperation with the Airport, and until the realization of this large project, we plan the renovation of the existing control tower, the director of BHANSA, Davorin Primorac points out. According to him, the renovation of the existing control tower will significantly improve the working conditions for the employees of the Approach and Aerodrome Control Unit Sarajevo, and improve both the provision of air navigation services and the air traffic safety.

- Reconstruction, renovation and expansion of facility is planned in Banja Luka, where preparatory works for introduction of radar control in the Approach and Aerodrome Control Unit Banja Luka are also being planned.

Despite the pandemic, we completed the renovation and modernization of the control tower dome in Tuzla in 2020, and further plans include the renovation and modernization of adjacent buildings of the control tower and meteo park, Primorac explains.

BHANSA also plans significant investments for the Ortiješ location in Mostar, where headquarters of the Agency is situated.

- A complete revitalization and renovation of the existing outdated and neglected buildings are being planned for the location of the Agency’s headquarters in Mostar, as well as the construction of a new and modern amphitheater for the needs of the air traffic controller training center, i.e. the future school center. Furthermore, we plan the renovation and modernization of the control tower in the Approach and Aerodrome Control Unit Mostar, and the expansion of the existing premises of the ATC Simulator building as well to accommodate new tower simulators necessary for training and continuous training of air traffic control personnel and pseudo pilots, Primorac points out.

In addition to affecting the quality of BHANSA's work, all these activities will significantly change the appearance of the airports in Tuzla, Banja Luka, Mostar and Sarajevo.

-This is an ambitious, but also a necessary plan in order to create the conditions for further improvement of air navigation service provision. With these construction works and the revitalization of existing facilities, BHANSA will enable the implementation of its own goals, but this will also significantly change the entire appearance of the airport areas, which is in the interest of local communities and the development of aviation in BiH, concludes BHANSA director Davorin Primorac.