FAB CE to deploy a customised ATM environmental performance dashboard

FAB CE is implementing a customised air traffic management environmental dashboard to monitor the environmental performance of aircraft operators in its airspace area in terms of fuel use, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, horizontal and vertical airspace efficiency and continuous descent (CDO) and climb operations (CCO).

The tool, under development by egis, will be used to generate regular environmental performance reports for senior management to provide an analysis of - among other criteria - the impact of internal contributing factors on horizontal flight efficiency performance, airspace capacity and staffing issues, the impact of military activity and flexible use of airspace operations in the optimisation of opening and closing of military sectors to civil traffic.

“The dashboard will not give us absolute values but it will provide us with a clear view of operational trends which will allow us to generate and monitor our key environmental performances metrics,” said Matej Eljon, FAB CE Programme Manager and Director of FAB CE Aviation Ltd.

The tool should allow calculation of several metrics, including total and average fuel burn, total and average CO2, number of level segments during CDO/CCO, length of level segments during CDO/CCO and duration spent in level segments during CDO/CCO.

The new tool will be used in parallel with the Performance Review Unit’s PRU Efficiency and Environment dashboard which generates regular high-level reports. With the new customised environmental dashboard, FAB CE management will be able to combine the two sets of data to generate customised performance reports in more granular detail.