FAB CE develops service level agreement for managing 1030/1090MHz data loads

FAB CE has drawn up a service level agreement (SLA) to avoid data overloads between airborne and ground-based stakeholders exchanging operational data on 1030/1090MHz frequencies.

The 1030 MHz and 1090 MHz frequencies are critical resources to air traffic control, for surveillance and collision avoidance. They are shared between multiple users, including secondary surveillance radar (SSR) Mode A/C and Mode S, multilateration, automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B), airborne collision avoidance systems (ACAS), military systems and industry.

There is an urgent need to monitor 1030/1090 MHz frequency message exchanges to limit the possibility of data overloads.

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 1207/2011 of 22 November 2011 lays down requirements for the performance and interoperability of surveillance for the Single European Sky - Article 6 (Spectre Protection) and requires the Member States to ensure that SSR transponders onboard any aircraft crossing a Member State are not exposed to an excessive number of interrogations  transmitted by ground surveillance interrogators.

The new FAB CE SLA has defined a new set of rules and procedures for the exchange of information on the existing or potential frequency-load situations to avoid any downgrade of the surveillance services.

“The aim of the coordination activity between FAB CE air navigation service providers with this work is to avoid overloads as a result of which onboard transponders are rendered inoperable,“ said Matej Eljon, FAB CE Programme Manager and Director of FAB CE Aviation Ltd. “It will also alert partners if there is an SSR frequency issue in the event implementing new systems or managing military exercises.”

The SLA was developed basis of the rules and procedures which have been implemented in Czech Republic between ANS CR and all relevant stakeholders - including the regulator, the military and industry partners - and which have been already used several years.