FAB CE social dialogue representatives discuss COVID, traffic recovery and performance regime change

The first post-COVID FAB CE face-to-face Social Dialogue meeting took place on June 15 2022, co-chaired by László Tóth, Chief Executive Officer of HungaroControl and Ákos Kovács, representing the FAB CE staff associations.

In an understandably lively discussion - given this was the first time both sides have met in person since the start of COVID pandemic - topics range from the latest FAB CE programme update, including the airspace plan approved by the FAB CE Committee on 14 June, to the higher-than-forecast traffic recovery and results from the social dialogue activities that took place during the pandemic.

Another important output from the meeting was an agreement by both sides to set up an ad hoc social dialogue event in the third quarter of 2022 to discuss further changes to the current performance regime, especially as they relate to Reporting Period Four (RP4), and potential workforce issues these might entail.