FAB CE participation at the 2021 World ATM Congress

FAB CE partner air navigation service provider (ANSP) representatives will be attending the 2021 World ATM Congress, taking place on 26-28 October in the IFEMA Feria de Madrid, Spain.

Matej Eljon, CEO FAB CE Aviation Services Ltd, will give FAB CE’s experience of volatile traffic recovery as part of an Inter-FAB panel being held at the FABEC OPS Theatre on Wednesday October 27th, 1300-1400 hrs.

Panelists will discuss their experiences of market fluctuations at an ATC centre level. They will examine strategies for handling traffic demand volatility (peaks, location, season etc.) in the context of a fall in demand and a performance system built around averaged, high-level forecasts.  They will highlight the concrete impacts of forecast volatility on staff planning and infrastructure investments.

While traffic is recovering in the FAB CE area it is doing so at a two-speed rate (, with one group of States - Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia -  recovering swiftly in contrast to traffic growth in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia which is more modest.

The panel will discuss how centralized analyses and forecasts are still taking a helicopter view of the market – averaging out demand percentages across a wide geographic area which cannot be used for operational planning at a centre level.