FAB CE publishes updated version of its long-term strategy

FAB CE has published the latest version of its long-term strategy, for the years 2020-2030. The strategy document includes a mission, vision, and strategic objectives along with a high-level roadmap for its delivery.

The most recent version has taken into account the conclusions of the European Airspace Architecture Study (EAAS) and the Wise Persons Group established by DG MOVE in April 2019.

According to the FAB CE strategy document:

“The recommendations contained in these documents call for an industry transformation to a data-driven, services-based environment where increased collaboration, information sharing and automation are expected to deliver the capacity required towards the year 2035. Therefore, a revision and realignment of the FAB CE ANSPs’ Strategy is required to ensure that the future developments address the identified critical functions and that the priorities of the FAB co-operation contribute towards the EAAS targets.”

The strategy document is available here.