Croatia Control develops new capabilities in ATCO training

To ensure an adequate response to traffic demand in the post-COVID 19 period and beyond, Croatia Control Ltd (CCL) has formed an in-house Training Organization to optimize air traffic controller (ATCO) training and to guarantee there will be an appropriate number of controllers available when the aviation industry recovers.

 Area controller candidates will from now on undergo full training in Croatia following the certification of CCL by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency.

“Future ATCOs will no longer have to be trained abroad, which will lead to significant cost savings,” said Vlado Bagarić, Director General of CCL. “We are now able to provide training to Croatian candidates for  this demanding and responsible profession and soon we will be able to offer this service to foreign candidates.” This has been made possible only after intense work by Training Organization experts and other CCL employees.

In June 2020 CCL started Basic Training of Croatian ATCO candidates, followed by the introduction of an ACS Rating Training Course in September 2020.

“We are now working towards developing our in-house initial training service with the addition of an Aerodrome Control Instrument Rating for Tower – ADI (TWR) course,” said Vlado Bagarić, “and  our experts have started preparatory activities aimed at this certification.”

CCL’s development of an independent ATCO training capability represents a major investment in human resources and corporate capabilities, said Vlado Bagarić, which will offer a new service to other air navigation service providers, especially FAB CE partners.