FAB CE supports EU-wide coordination of aviation recovery plans

As States and European Union regulators start the work of planning the aviation’s industry recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, FAB CE has written a letter of support for the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) Return to Normal Operations (RNO) programme, which recognises the importance of taking a European Union-wide coordinated response to recovery.

 “We need to coordinate our recovery plans on an EU basis and across industry stakeholder groups,” said Matej Eljon, FAB CE Programme Manager, Director of FAB CE Aviation Ltd. “Otherwise we will risk the health of passengers, crew and the non-travelling public. This would also further delay a recovery for the air transport sector in Europe, which would create further severe economic impacts on the continent’s economy.”

The text of the letter is shown below:

Dear Sirs

I am writing as FAB CE Programme Manager and Director of the FAB CE Aviation Ltd to outline our support to the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) Return to Normal Operations (RNO) programme and to urge colleagues and other aviation stakeholders to work together during the next few months to ensure that we coordinate our recovery plans as part of an agreed European Union industry-wide strategy.

The Eurocontrol paper of April 27th this year (Aviation recovery – importance of a coordinated response) has shown the importance of adhering to a “Coordinated Measures” scenario, based on a common approach to putting in place operational procedures and lifting national restrictions.

According to the Eurocontrol model we risk losing 1.2 million flights this year if we independently put recovery measures in place on a country-by-country basis. In particular, we believe it is important to harmonise safety measures on board the aircraft, airport procedures – especially queue management - and State entry formalities, which are not yet coordinated throughout the European Union.

As an airspace alliance of air navigation service providers FAB CE is committed to supporting a balanced approach to recovery – returning services to normal as soon as is reasonably possible but only if we can ensure the safety to passengers, crew and the non-travelling public. Unless this process is managed collectively we risk losing the public’s trust in flying and cause further long-term financial damage to airlines, airports and air navigation service providers.

FAB CE has studied EASA’s Return to Normal Operations proposal and we believe this offers a safe and efficient recovery model if it is collectively implemented, with the initial focus on EU operations followed by intercontinental flights. We encourage States to work closely with EASA on deploying the EASA measures, once they have been agreed, in a timely and coordinated manner.

FAB CE ANSPs will support EASA in this by working with the EUROCONTROL Network Manager on implementing the NOP Recovery Plan, ensuring we provide capacity levels in the air and on the ground ahead of demand and offering our communication channels as a support network to EASA in its communications campaign.

I hope you all stay safe and well during these difficult times.

Matej Eljon

FAB CE Programme Manager
Director of FAB CE Aviation Ltd