FAB CE States and ANSPs to align U-Space service development programmes

FAB CE has announced plans to align deployment of U-Space capabilities throughout the region as part of its new airspace strategy, which seeks to align its operations with the 2019 Wise Person Group report and Airspace Architecture Study.

As part of the new strategy FABCE air navigation service providers (ANSPs) start work this year to establish commonality in rules, regulations, systems and services provided ensuring safe application U-Space and services.

According to the high-level plan, by 2027 U-space services to U3 capability level will be introduced in a harmonised way within the FABCE area.

“FAB CE States and ANSPs have been at the forefront of introducing U-Space services and architectures,” said Matej Eljon, FAB CE Programme Manager and director of FAB CE Aviation Ltd. “FAB-CE sits in the heart of Europe and managing an airspace area of more than 529,000 km² - which means coordinating U-space policies will provide an important catalyst to implementing more complex unmanned aircraft operations within the continent.”

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