Airspace redesign central to new FAB CE operational strategy

A strategic redesign of the upper airspace above FAB CE member states is a central part of the new FAB CE operational strategy launched in February 2020.

 According to Matej Eljon, FAB CE Programme Manager and director of FAB CE Aviation Ltd: “This process has two key drivers: the operational excellence programme - a cross-domain activity collecting best practices and potential quick wins – and the work of the FAB CE Airspace Task Force (ATF) which focuses on developing and implementing FAB CE airspace compliant with air navigation service provider (ANSP) requirements and the Airspace Architecture Study.”

Members of the operational excellence programme are developing a repository of potential improvements in areas such as air traffic control, air traffic flow and capacity management, human resources, environment, strategic planning and system support, which can be implemented at a local level. By collecting and sharing best practices and quick wins all FAB CE ANSPs can benefit from the experiences of other ANSPs and can adopt proven processes and procedures without investing significant time and resources in the research and validation of these practices. The operational excellence programme is due to complete its work in the third quarter of 2020.

Meanwhile, the ATF and the Network Manager (NM) are assessing potential changes to FAB CE sector alignments to reduce constraints caused by national boundaries. The task force is also supporting the implementation of free route airspace procedures and other activities planned at a network level and translating these high-level plans to actions which can be implemented at a local level between the ANSPs and States and coordinated through existing FAB CE structures. The ATF reports directly to FAB CE Steering Committee and its work is due to be complete by mid 2021.

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