FAB CE technical sub-committee provides update on FAB partnership programmes

The FAB CE Steering Committee (FABSC) met at the end of 2019 to review progress on some of the major technical and operational partnership programmes being undertaken by FAB CE air navigation services providers (ANSPs).

 One of the main areas of cooperation is infrastructure and technical services. These include:

  • NAVAID infrastructure optimisation project - FAB CE air navigation service providers will continue to collaborate in areas such as developing common processes for preventive maintenance planning, coverage analysis of NAVAID infrastructure, GNSS vulnerability and the impact of FRA on RNAV.
  • ADS-B deployment coordination
  • SSR frequency monitoring - coordinated monitoring and protection of surveillance frequencies
  • Datalink monitoring
  • Smart procurement - Ad-hoc spare parts procurement is ongoing and equipment suppliers have been contacted to investigate procurement pooling arrangements
  • Surveillance infrastructure maintenance planning
  • VoIP activity - A group of FAB CE ANSPs are working on coordinated testing to enable sharing of the experience between ANSPs and allow more efficient planning.
  • Future of X-bone assessment
  • RCOM and NAV workshops
  • Cyber security activities