BHANSA takes control of entire Bosnia and Herzegovina airspace

Just after midnight on December 4, 2019 Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) took control of air traffic in the entire airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 The event marked the full implementation of Phase II of the Development Strategy of Air Traffic Management System of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH ATM Strategy), which has resulted in the entire airspace above Bosnia and Herzegovina no longer being controlled by neighbouring countries but by Bosnia and Herzegovina itself.

The Director of BHANSA Davorin Primorac said: “This is a great day for Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state. In a relatively short period of time, we, as the youngest European Agency for the provision of air navigation services, have created technical, personnel and all other preconditions for ourselves to fully control the air traffic over the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.“

BHANSA now provides air traffic services also above flight level of 325, or 10,000 meters. Previously, BHANSA controlled around 200 aircraft a day climbing to or descending from the cruise level. From December 5 Bosnia and Herzegovina began to manage up to 1,600 aircraft overflight movements through the skies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said Davorin Primorac.