FAB CE progresses smart and common procurement programmes to new domains

FAB CE is moving forward with a range of technical cooperative programmes aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency through aligning procurement programmes and optimising the use of systems already deployed.

Following the successful conclusion earlier this year of a programme to upgrade X-bone routers among FAB CE air navigation service providers (ANSPs) through a common procurement procedure, the FAB CE CEO Committee has agreed to apply these same procedures for future smart procurement initiatives.

The next of these will focus on the acquisition of spare parts for common communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems – where FAB CE ANSPs have deployed similar systems or different systems but from the same supplier. As a first step, candidate CNS spare parts for potential common procurement will be identified by the end of 2018 with the signing of a Framework agreement planned by end of Q2 2019.

A database of CNS equipment has been developed by the TEC SubC Technical Subcommittee to identify windows of opportunities for coordinated action and a long-term plan is being developed which can be used by ANSPs to properly plan investments and related procurements to be aligned with FAB CE smart procurement initiative.

Meanwhile the Navaid Infrastructure Optimisation project has started and work is underway to develop a regional coordinated approach to define and procure SWIM Common PKI infrastructure.