Social dialogue meeting discusses wide range of workforce issues

SD 1The first FABCE Social Dialogue meeting of 2017 took place in Bratislava on 19 May, with Pavol Gelinger of LPS in the chair and Nataša Sumirat Adikusumah, President of the Croatian Air Traffic Controllers Union, co-chairing. Thirty-five representatives of staff and FABCE management discussed a number of workplace issues.

Matej Eljon, director of FAB CE Aviation Ltd, outlined the detailed projects and strategic goals of the many cooperative programmes underway among the seven air navigation service providers of FABCE.

Specific workforce issues were then discussed, including differences in national government policies towards retirement age and pension entitlement, progress towards a common competence scheme for air traffic safety electronic personnel (ATSEP) (See “Meeting EU requirements for the ATSEP common competence scheme”, 18 May), the workforce implications of the A4 Airlines Group minimum ATS service proposal and an update of the FABEC social dialogue process, highlighting the parallel functional airspace bloc social forum work going on in other European States.