FAB CE performance improvements - how did we do?

FABCE is finalising its contribution to the 2016 European Commission’s Reference Period (RP2) Monitoring Report, due on 1 June 2017.

 L7 9095In the Key Performance Area (KPA) of safety there were, as for the previous year, no deviations from the targets established in the FAB CE Performance Plan.

In the capacity domain, FAB CE has significantly exceeded the target for en-route air traffic flow management (ATFM) delay per flight - 0.08 minutes per flight against a target of 0.29 minutes - despite the fact that in some FAB CE States traffic was significantly higher than expected. The crises in Ukraine and Syria meant that in Hungary service unit traffic was 18% above forecasts.

“The overall performance of all FAB CE states is constantly excellent, without any major disruptions or industrial actions,” said Matej Eljon, director of FAB CE Aviation Ltd.

The target value for the horizontal flight efficiency for FAB CE in 2016 of 1.94% was not reached as the calculated value was 1.97%. Nonetheless, the Network Manager (NM) evaluated that FAB CE met its commitments with respect to the environmental target in 2016 and said that FAB CE’s environmental performance criteria are in line with the expected European targets. The Network Manager recommended that the current implementation plans should be maintained, including cross-border free route airspace (FRA) implementation projects with adjacent functional airspace blocs.

Significant initiatives have been implemented focusing on further improvements in this area which will enable FAB CE to meet and exceed the target in the future. Other major achievements have been accomplished by implementing important milestones of SEEN FRA (South Eastern Europe Night Free Route Airspace), SAXFRA (Slovenian Austrian Cross-Border Free Route Airspace) and SEAFRA (South-East Axis Free Route Airspace) initiatives.

The FAB CE-wide measure of planned trajectory efficiency - although not targeted in RP2- shows an improvement from 3.41% in 2015 to 3.33% in 2016, showing the positive impact of permanent airspace design improvements such as free route and direct routeing implementations.

In terms of cost-efficiency, all States met or exceeded their targets for Determined Unit Cost (DUC) except for Slovenia, where lower inflation had a negative impact on the DUC despite the actual costs being lower than the target determined costs. Nevertheless, the aggregated FAB CE DUC is still well below the target.