FAB CE Social Dialogue in Budapest

FAB CE Air navigation service providers and representatives of trade unions from the FAB CE region came together for the first Social Dialogue meeting of 2015 on May 19 at the headquarters of HungaroControl in Budapest.

The meeting was chaired by Kornél Szepessy, CEO HungaroControl and the head of the Croatian Air Traffic Controllers´ Association, Zeljko Oreski. More than 40 participants discussed numerous topics ranging from the current status of SES2+, the FAB CE Performance Plan and ongoing activities regarding interFAB cooperation. One major point of the discussion was on how to deal with unplanned traffic increases caused by regional crises. Jozsef Bakos, Head of ATM at HungaroControl, presented the common approach developed by the FAB CE OPS Sub Committee (Presentation:  “A common FAB CE Plan to cope with sudden heavy increase of traffic”)

Matej Eljon,  the newly appointed Director of  FAB CE Aviation Ltd., talked about the new Compnay and ongoing call for tenders for project support services. Danube ATCU called for a common FAB CE approach for "Just Culture Guidelines". In addition, union representatives recommended the harmonization of the quantitative Safety Indicators.





Second FAB CE Social Dialogue Forum for 2014 held in Budapest

Air navigation service providers of Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE) and representatives of trade unions from the FAB CE region held their meeting on November 27, 2014 in Budapest, at the headquarters of HungaroControl Hungarian Air Navigation Services Pte.


The participants of the FAB CE Social Dialogue forum had a consultation about their views regarding SES II+, the common strategy of FAB CE, the tasks of the new FAB CE legal entity, the impact of the restriction in Ukrainian airspace, the opportunities to further improve the cooperation between European FABs as well as HR&TRN activities. The conference was co-chaired by Kornél Szepessy, current Chairman of FAB CE CEO Committee and CEO of HungaroControl, and by Alexander Rovina, air traffic controller of Austro Control representing the FAB CE Union Alliance.




FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop on April 30 in Prague

The Social Dialogue Forum, held on April 30 in Prague, was chaired by Mr Dragan Bilac, FAB CE CEOC Chairman, and co-chaired by Mr Janos Lakatos, who represented the FAB CE social partners, and is also the Chairman of the Danube ATCU, a trade unions association representing the air traffic controllers from Austria, The Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

The EC representative Mr Patrick Bernard, and Mr Zdenek Jelinek from the Czech Ministry of Transport, as the Chairman of the FAB CE Committee, also participated in the forum.

The next Social Dialogue Forum will be held in October 2014.


Status of the FAB CE program – Mr Ivan Hubert
OPS Roadmap development – Mr Peter Oberhofer
SES 2+ and FAB CE - EU Pilot – Mr Zdenek Jelinek
SES 2+ ANSP perspective- Mr Ondrej Fabrici
Centralized Services – Mr Ondrej Fabrici
Gate One initiative – Mr Ondrej Fabrici
Performance management – Mr Martin Podesva
FABEC paper on Performance: EU/US comparison – Mr Janos Lakatos




FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop in Zagreb

SD workshop 1 smThe FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop was held in Zagreb on 12th December 2013, hosted by Croatia Control. It was attended by 25 participants: Chairman Dragan Bilać (FAB CE CEOC Chairman),  Co-chairman Peter Biro (FAB CE Unions Alliance), Program Manager Ivan Hubert and staff representatives from 7 unions from 4 ANSPs. 

In his welcoming speech Mr Bilać expressed his gladness with re-starting SD relations after over one-year pause since the last SD Forum took place. He announced expected completion of the FAB CE Strategy at the beginning of 2014. New strategic roadmap will SD workshop 2 smbe based on a so-called Freemove Scenario and will introduce a Free Route Airspace within the whole of FAB CE as its most significant element.
Furthermore audience was presented with the status of the FAB CE projects and latest developments by Ivan Hubert, Program Manager, as well as the possible impact of the potential social issues in the projects to the ANSPs staff by Chairmen of Human Resource SubCommittee Zoran Jakšić and of Technical SC Michael Loeffler.

In light of the ongoing process of the European ATM reform through the SES 2+ Initiative aimed at accelerating the process of the overall SES implementation, in particular regarding its objectives related to the cost efficiency, performance and defragmentation of the European airspace, all participants stressed out high importance of cooperation and active participation of all SD partners.

Mr Bilać announced that next Social Dialogue Forum will be held in Prague in April 2014.




FAB CE Social Dialogue Forum in Budapest

The 2nd Social Dialgoue Forum 2012 will be held in Budapest on the premises of Hungarocontrol on October 17th. Among the items on the Agenda are:

  • Project Status
  • EC Consultation Process  
  • Social Partners' Position Paper on ATCO mobility  
  • SD Charter 
  • Effects of RP2 on FAB CE 
  • ATCO Retirement Age



FAB CE Social Dialogue Forum in Prague

Jenec (Prague) 

The agenda includes the following topics:

  • Project Status
  • Distribution of SD relevant Information to SD Partners (Procedure)
  • Social Partners' Position Paper on ATCO mobility
  • SES Conference in Venice (16/17 Nov 2011)
  • Update on FAB CE Training
  • Unions Alliance letter to CEOC Chairman


Past events:



FAB CE Social Dialogue (SD) Forum

ATCC Praha (Prague), ANS CR Headquarters 

The agenda includes the following topics:

  • FAB CE Legal Framework (Content of FABA and ANSP Coordination Agreement)
  • Organization of FAB CE
  • Overview of Status of Projects
  • Report Projects OPS, TECH, HR
  • Social impacts of possible ATCO/staff/airspace mobility


2nd FAB CE Stakeholders Workshop

Prague/Jenec, at Czech ANS
Contact: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

FAB CE 2nd Stakeholder Workshop
FAB CE 2nd Social Dialog Workshop

25 February 2009

FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop

The FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop was held in Zagreb on 25 February 2009, attended by all concerned National Staff representatives/Unions, from the 7 ANSPs.

Working papers
Information paper to social partners
Minutes from the FAB_CE 1st Social Dialogue Workshop

9-10 October 2008


June 12, 2008

FAB CE Ministerial Conference

A FAB CE Ministerial Conference will be held in Luxembourg on June, 12 2008.

May 30, 2008

Constitutional Meeting of FAB CE CEOs’ Committee

The Constitutional Meeting of FAB CE CEOs’ Committee took place in Budapest on May 30, 2008. A MoC was signed by the 7 ANSPs.

2 April 2008


FAB_CE participated to PIM/3 meeting. All participants expressed, inter alia, the common wish of FABs to study the impact of ASM/ATFCM integration.

March 5, 2008

1st Stakeholders Workshop

The FAB Central Europe 1st Stakeholders Workshop was held in Prague, at Czech ANS Jenec IATCC premises, on 5 March 2008. The Workshop was attended by over 50 participants, including FAB CE States representatives, CAAs, NSAs, Military ATM, ANSPs, IATA and several Staff representatives. This wide audience was presented with the status and expected concepts related to FAB CE implementation.
Following Presentations were given:

  • Background
  • Master Plan
  • CBA
  • IATA
  • Operations
  • Systems
  • Human

Main Conclusions of the Workshop:

  • As emphasized by IATA and by other contributors, the time has come to go ahead: FAB must be implemented, without delay.
  • The Master Plan provides the conclusion that FAB CE is feasible and provides a roadmap and key milestones for the implementation.
  • The Cost Benefit Analysis has shown that the Static AoR Scenario is beneficial. The Dynamic AoR Scenario brings additional benefits on the condition that it is implemented as from 2021, and on the basis of business decisions. The meeting concluded also that more benefits may be achieved than the ones addressed in the CBA.
  • The early stages of development of FAB CE should equally focus on staff involvement, through social dialogue. Some existing models for social dialogue should be examined.


Presentation - Background
FAB CE CBA presentation to Stakeholder Forum 5 Mar 2008 v1.0
FAB CE Internal Stakeholder Workshop_Operations v2
FAB CE Internal Stakeholder Workshop_Systems v2
FAB CE Internal Stakeholder Workshop_Human (final)  


View of the Workshop Room

View of the Workshop Room

Head table, from left to right : Mr. Ivan Hubert Chairman of FABCE SG, Mr. Jan Klas, CEO ANS CR,
Mr Alex Hendriks Director/Programme manager, Mr. Nicolas Gautier Project Coordination manager

Head table, from left to right : Mr Ivan Hubert, Mr. Jan Klas, Mr. Alex Hendriks

December 14, 2007


FAB CE participated to the PIM2 meeting. The Terms of Reference (ToRs) for PIM were agreed.


PIM 1 workshop

FAB CE attended the first PIM (Periodic Information Meeting) and presented the overview of FAB CE Feasibility Study project.


Real-time Simulation (SSRTS/9 CONOPS)

A Small Scale Real-Time Simulation (SSRTS/9) of FAB CE Military Advanced Concept of Operation (CONOPS) has been conducted between 15th – 26th of October 2007 by the EUROCONTROL CRDS (CEATS Research, Development and Simulation Centre) in Budapest, Hungary with participation of civil and military controllers from the FAB CE States and operational experts from CFMU.

The simulation was run to evaluate feasibility of FAB CE Military Advanced Concept of Operation in the frame of Central Europe FAB(s) feasibility study project.

The simulation aimed to assess from an operational point of view the feasibility and added value of Airspace Management (ASM) / Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) integration and Collaborative Decision Making process at FAB level.