In Memoriam Martin Nosáľ, CEO of LPS SR

Martin Nosáľ, CEO of LPS SR, passed away on August 24, 2020.

Martin joined LPS SR in 2001 and after obtaining a license in 2003, he dedicated almost two decades to his work as an approach and tower air traffic controller at APP/TWR Štefánik.

Between 2010 and 2017 he served as a Director of the Aerodrome and Approach Services Division and after organizational changes in 2017 he was appointed Head of APP/TWR Štefánik and TWR Piešťany.

He was appointed CEO of LPS SR on July 1, 2020.

After Martin´s passing, Rastislav Primus, Head of the Instrument Flight Procedures Department, was appointed the acting CEO of LPS SR as of September 3, 2020.

FABCE - FABEC Joint Declaration signing ceremony on June 17th (web-based)

Air Navigation Service providers (ANSPs) from Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE) and Functional Airspace Block Europe Central (FABEC) will sign a Joint Declaration on 17 June 2020 aimed at deeper cooperation and improved Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance. Originally scheduled for the World ATM Congress in Madrid earlier this year, the signing will now take place as an online event. Register Now!

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FAB CE completes first joint equipment procurement


The FAB CE legal entity, FCE Aviation Services, signed its first equipment contract on behalf of all six FAB CE member states on 26 June 2017. S&T Slovenija was selected following a competitive tender, issued in May, to deliver common regional telecommunications infrastructure to all six air navigation services providers (ANSPs) to support seamless exchange of data between FAB CE member states.

Under the single contract, the company is supplying common CISCO routers, in addition to support services for each user, directly to each country in the weeks ahead. The new routers replace an existing equipment network – due renewal – which is used to ensure seamless exchange of a range of messages including surveillance data, aeronautical messages, and to support On-Line Data interchange (OLDI) between FAB CE member states.

FCE Director Matej Eljon said: “We have completed our first infrastructure joint procurement with very good results. We’ve proved we can deliver common smart procurement at a price that meets our expectations.” The activity not only saved money compared to individual procurement country by country, but also secured a lower than estimated common price. The process is now available for use to carry out other smart procurement projects in the future.

To reach this point, FCE had to develop a process in-house that could be used to prepare common technical requirements. In addition, it established a way for ANSPs to be part of the approval process, and to execute the procurement. The work was completed over several months, and concluded with recommendation of the winning bid by the Procurement Assessment Committee. “The process was not there before so we had to invent the process internally,” said Matej. “Now we have proved that it works we are ready to execute procurement with much shorter lead times.”

Smart procurement is a key enabler for the harmonisation and optimisation of FAB CE operations, one of three high level initiatives set out in the FAB CE Strategy, along with safety and performance monitoring, and stakeholder communications. These activities are detailed in 15 FAB CE Strategy objectives which provide the framework for all FAB CE projects. The tasks and projects are updated regularly to ensure they are aligned with the Pilot Common Project, and reflect the goals of the broader European ATM Master Plan.

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21. November 2012

FAB CE on track as December 4th approaches

As the December 4th deadline approaches the European Commission has formally been notified on the establishment of FAB CE and the jointly designated air traffic service providers within FAB CE. The overall added value of all FAB CE projects has also recently been summarized in a detailed document.

Notification to EC on establishment of FAB CE
Information on jointly designated ANSPs
Overall added value of all FAB CE Projects

14 November 2012

8th FAB CE CEO Committee meeting held in Viennaceocfabcenov 3

The 8th FAB CE CEO Committee took place in Vienna on November 12th.The main topics on the agenda included the on-going FAB CE strategy development and an update on project activities by the Program Manager.

The next CEO Committee meeting will be held on January 18th in Vienna.





29 October 2012

FAB CE Response to observations submitted during EC Consultation Process

FAB CE has duly considered the observations in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 176/2011 and has put together a detailed and thorough response to the observations made during the EC Consultation Process. The submitted documents can be found here.

19 October 2012

2nd Social Dialogue Forum 2012 held in Budapest
The 2nd Social Dialgoue Forum 2012 was held in Budapest on the premises of Hungarocontrol on October 17th. Among the items on the Agenda were:

  • Project Status
  • EC Consultation Process  
  • Social Partners' Position Paper on ATCO mobility  
  • SD Charter 
  • Effects of RP2 on FAB CE 
  • ATCO Retirement Age

The resepctive presentations can be found in the SD Members Area 

24 September 2012

FABCE ASM/ATFCM functional integration:
Real Time Simulation from 15th of October 2012 until 26th of October 2012 at Eurocontrol HQ, Brussels

In addition to the Live Trial, executed in May 2012, three different scenarios will be performed during the Real Time Simulation from 15th of October until 26th of October 2012 at Eurocontrol`s Headquarter in Brussels.

The functional integration of the ASM and ATFCM coordination functions at FAB CE level is considered one of the major improvements provided by FAB implementation. The current different ASM/ATFCM organisational solutions as well as process and procedures in place need to be improved. The centralisation of ASM/ATFCM coordination functions at FAB level will provide a harmonised implementation of process and procedures supporting an enhanced cooperation among FAB CE States for a better utilisation of airspace.

The FAB CE ASM/ATFCM integration Real time simulation will be run from 15th of October 2012 until 26th of October 2012 and will examine the practicalities of application of ASM /ATFCM coordination procedures and ASM coordination tools in the FAB CE environment. It will assess the interactions between the National AMCs, FMPs and the NM, the workloads of the various actors, and the CDR availability notification process. It will also measure, both subjectively and objectively, the benefit of the procedures.

The Real Time Simulation is focusing on identifying and testing operational coordination procedures on the FAB level in the pre-tactical phase:

  • between National AMCs and FAB CE ATFCM coordinator (function) and Network Manager, or
  • between National FMPs and FAB CE ASM coordinator (function) and Network Manager and finally,
  • between FAB CE Network Operations Centre (ASM/ATFCM coordination function) and Network Manager


Main purpose of the Real Time Simulation training is to prepare AMC and FMP staff from FAB CE States/ANSPs in the operational use of required system support and procedures, developed for the purpose of the execution of Real Time Simulation.

The geographical scope of this Real Time Simulation comprises the airspace of FIR’s of all seven FAB CE States, namely: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

14 September 2012

7th FAB CE CEO Committee meeting held in Viennafabce ceoc

The 7th FAB CE CEO Committee took place in Vienna on September 13th. Among the main topics discussed were the FAB CE strategy development, the approval of the  FAB CE "Free Route" concept and roadmap, enhancing the static scenario towards a "Free Move"  scenario. The approval of a consolidated ANSP response to the observations raised in the context of the FAB CE consultation and the review of the improved project progress in 2012.

The final conclusions of this meeting represent a major step towards the successful implementation of FAB CE by December 2012. 

14 June 2012

First FAB Workshop on Risk Assessment Tool

The RAT (Risk Assesment Tool) is a web based tool which supports the safety investigators to assess the risk of a particular incident and is one of three Safety KPIs  as defined by EC regulation (safety management effectiveness,  RAT tool and just culture measurement) . There are regular Eurocontrol workshops involving various ANSP representatives from Europe, including experts from FAB CE.

In order to achieve better harmonisation within FAB CE,  the Safety Sub-Committee arranged with Eurocontrol the specific workshop on “Risk Assessment Tool usage for FABCE ANSPs“, which took place in Prague in February. This was one of the first workshops for a FAB dedicated to this topic.

16 experts from FAB CE attended and after an introductory presentation by Eurocontrol, exchanged experiences with risk assessment regarding variuos types of safety occurrences. The overall purpose is to achieve an harmonised level of risk assessment.

11 June 2012

EC Consultation Meeting held on June 8

The EC Consulatation and Stakeholder meeting was held in Brussels on June 8.

Over 40 stakeholder representatives, ranging from aisrpace users to staff representatives and other FABs, took the opportunity to get the latest information on the ongoing establishment of FAB CE and exchange views on a wide variety of issues. Topics included among others the organisational structure of FAB CE as well as the current status of major projects. The presentations by the FAB CE representatives were followed by questions and answers.  The EC stressed that the consultation meeting was not part of the formal assessment that would commence after December 4th. The consultation primarily served as a clarification of the submitted documents and as an information platform for interested stakeholders.

In accordance with EU Legislation regarding the consultation process all FABs have to provide a set of comprehensive documents by June 24. The submitted FAB CE documents as well as the presentations can be found here.


04 June 2012

6th FAB CE CEO Committee meeting held in Vienna

The 6th FAB CE CEO Committee was held in Vienna on June 1st. Among the main topics discussed were the preparations for the upcoming EC Consultation meeting and the priorities leading up to the FAB CE implementation on December 4th. In addition, a streamlining of the FAB CE organizational structure was on the agenda, with the aim of differentiating more clearly between strategic and operational aspects of FAB CE.

As special guest the European Director Network Management, Jaques Dopagne, gave a presentation on the cooperation with FAB CE. In his conclusions he emphasized the good infrastructure and route network in FAB CE. He also praised the fact that the FAB CE Airspace plan as well as the Network operation plan were well in line with European Network Plan.
In accordance with the rules of procedure of the FAB CE ANSP Agreement the Chairmanship was handed over from Jan Klas (ANS CZ) to Johann Zemsky (Austro Control).

21 May 2012

Update on FAB CE Agreement Ratification Process

The Slovak Republic has become the third state to ratify the FAB CE Agreement (FABA). With the prior ratification by Austria and Hungary and the respective deposit of the ratification instruments with the Republic of Slovenia the FAB CE Agreement officially entered into force for these states with March 20, 2012. For the Slovak Republic the agreement will enter into force on May 28th.

27 March 2012

Integration Live-Trial:
FAB CE Air Space Management/Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ASM/ATFCM)  

The FAB CE ASM/ATFCM integration live-trial trial will examine coordination procedures and coordination tools in the FAB CE environment with Flexible Use of Airspace. The trial will be held from May 3rd to 31st and will include the airspace of six FAB CE States, namely:  Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. A national expert from Bosnia-Herzegovina will take part in the preparation and participate as observer during the trial period. A Safety assessment prior to the Live trial was successfully completed.
Expected results:  

The trial will assess the interactions between the National Airspace Management Cells (AMCs), Flow Management Positions (FMPs) and the Network Manager including the workloads of the various parties, the activation and deactivation of restricted or segregated airspaces and the conditional route availability notification process. It will also measure, both subjectively and objectively, the benefit of the procedures. It will assess the available system support tools from Eurocontrol (NOP –Network operations portal and LARA – Local and Sub Regional Airspace Management Support System). 
Key benefits:  

  • Improvement of performance (capacity, cost effectiveness, flight efficiency, environment)
  • Enhancement of Civil - Military and Military - Military Cooperation
  • Implementation of Flexible Use of Airspace Concept on FAB level

14 March 2012

1st Social Dialgue Forum 2012 held in Prague
The 1st Social Dialgoue  Forum 2012 was held at Prague Jeneč at Czech ANS premises on 14 March 2012. More than 30 participants attended the meeting, co-chaired by Mr. Jan Klas, the current FAB CE CEOC Chairman, and by Mr. Janos Lakatos, Danube ATCU.

At the beginning of the meeting a detailed overview regarding the current status of the FAB  CE projects was given by the FAB CE Program Manager. He informed about the imminent setting up of the Project Support Office (PSO) and concluded that Legal framework for compliance with SES shows no problem.

The "Procedure of Distribution of SD relevant information to SD partners" was discussed and noted that in the future some improvements concerning the flow of information should be made. The new FAB-CE website was presented, where current information and news on FAB CE developments will be made available to the public.

In addition,  the "Social Partners´ Position Paper on ATCO mobility" was presented and discussed. The CEOC Chairman confirmed that no Forced Mobility is envisaged in FAB CE. The SD Partners’ Paper on Mobility will be distributed to the CEOC Meeting and commented by the CEOC Chairman.

It was noted the need expressed by the FABCE Alliance Representative to develop a Roadmap along the points in the Letter sent to the current FAB CE CEOC Chairman on the issue of taking care of all social aspects in FAB CE developments.

The next SD Forum 2012 will take place on October 17th.

13 March 2012 

New FAB CE Website is online

We are pleased to announce, that the FAB CE Website has gone online. You will find alll the current information and developments regarding FAB CE on the site.  We invite you to take a close look at If you have any feedback or questions please let us know.











08 Dec 2011    

Social Dialogue in Prague
The 4th Social Dialogue Forum, which is the first in FAB CE Implementation Phase, was held on 24 November 2011, at Czech ANS premises in Prague. The Forum, co–chaired by Mr. Jan Klas, CEOC Chairman, and Mr. Norbert Payr, Danube ATCU, was attended by some 40 participants, representing all FAB CE Social Dialogue Partners. The main topics of discussion included a presentation of the new FAB CE organizational structure, a summary of the numerous projects with their current status and a special focus on Human Resources and training issues. The Forum proved to be successful and all Partners expressed their satisfaction with the meeting. This should represent the start of a new phase in FAB CE SD process. In his closing remarks CEO Chairman Jan Klas thanked all participants, stressing the importance of such meetings. He assured three Social Dialogue meetings in 2012 scheduled for March, June and October. In the future Management and Social Partners, he added, will prepare the next Agendas together, focusing on all the issues relevant to the parties involved. 


30 Sep 2011    

FAB CE Program Management Function established
By a decision of the FAB CE CEO Committee on September 30 a Program Management Function has been established for FAB CE. Ivan Hubert of ANS CZ (Photo) was appointed as the Program Manager. The main tasks of the Program Management Function will include:

  • to support projects; to manage deliverables from projects;
  • to request and receive regular project reports from project leaders;
  • to evaluate the risks and changes; and
  • to assess compliance with project requirements.

The Program Management Function will also produce regular Progress Reports and will propose actions to the Steering and CEO Committees.   

16 May 2011 
Jan Klas elected new Chairman of the FAB CE CEO Committee
Jan Klas, CEO of the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, was unanimously elected Chairman of the FAB CE CEO Committee (CEOC). This is the first chairmanship in accordance with the new ANSP Cooperation Agreement, which was signed on May 5 in Brdo, Slovenia. The term runs for one year, after which the Chairmanship is determined alphabetically. We wish the new Chairman the best of luck and a successful hand in moving the implementation of FAB CE forward.    


05 May 2011    

Milestone for FAB-CE: FAB and ANSP Agreements signed

May 5th, 2011 marks an important milestone on the road to a successful implementation of FAB CE by December 2012. At Brdo Castle, Slovenia high ranking representatives from all FAB CE states, including Ministers of Transport and CEOs of the respective ANSPs, have, with their signature, laid the groundwork for the future cooperation on State as well as ANSP level. The following documents were signed:

  • The FAB CE Agreement, a State Treaty defining the legal and structural framework for the implementation of FAB CE, while also determining the scope of services each State brings to the table.
  • The ANSP agreement, which defines the cooperation between ANSPs with the goal of ensuring an efficient realisation of FAB CE on the operational level.

The spirit at today’s ceremony is very encouraging, in view of the work to be done in the coming months. FAB CE is on track and will play a vital part in the long term success of the Single European Sky.   

16 Feb 2011    

The CEO Committee of FAB CE meets in Vienna on February 16th 2011. The FAB CE Social Dialogue Charter is Signed.
During the FAB CE CEO Committee held in Vienna on February 16 the Social Dialogue Charter was signed. The main focus of the charter is to define the flow of information between the CEO Committee and Unions as well as special interest groups (e.g. IFATCA, ATCEUC, ETF, IFATSEA) in particular regarding workplace related issues. In this mutual exchange of information FAB CE documents, minutes and status reports will be provided. In a to be founded “Consultation Forum” SES II issues will be open for discussion to all partners on a regular basis and taken into account in the future decision making process.




15 Dec 2010    

FAB CE CEO-Committee reaches agreement on ANSP Cooperation

At the meeting of the FAB CE CEO Committee on December 15 in Vienna an agreement was reached on the future cooperation of ANSPs.
Among the most important issues, this agreement defines the organisational structure as well as the decision making process in FAB CE. Main purpose of this agreement is to facilitate the implementation of FAB CE on the ANSP level with the main goal of improving the flow of air traffic in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental impact. This agreement reached by all FAB CE Partners represents a major milestone on route to a common functional airspaceblock by 2012."

19 May 2010    

The 3rd FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop will be held in Vienna on 9th June 2010

The 3rd FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop will be held in Vienna on 9th June 2010, starting at 09:00.

The draft Agenda and a Social Dialogue Charter have been sent to Social Partners for their input, together with all Deliverables of the Project’s Preparatory Phase.

Preparatory meetings at level of Working Group (OPS TECH and HR) and Social Partners experts are being also proposed for the 8th June afternoon, in Vienna.

19 May 2010    

FAB CE CEO Committee approved all deliverables of the FAB CE Preparatory phase

FAB CE CEO Committee approved on 4th May 2010 all deliverables of the FAB CE Preparatory phase under MoC, including:
The FAB CE Implementation Plan and its eigth annexes
Performance and Safety Assessment
A Legal Analysis of possible vehicle for the ANSP Cooperation

05 Jan 2010    

2nd FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) Stakeholders and 2nd SD Workshop Conclusions and Minutes
The Conclusions and Minutes, PPT Presentations and Photos related to the 2nd FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) Stakeholders and 2nd SD Workshop are now available for download and consultation.

Meeting Minutes and List of Participants
Meeting minutes
List of participant to FAB CE 2nd Workshop
PPT Presentations
FAB CE Project Overview
FAB CE Initial Scenario
FAB CE Implementation Plan
EC Speaker Mr. Olivier Waldner
FAB CE Speakers Mr. D. Bonda, Mr. P. Oberhofer, Mr. I.Hubert, Mr. J. Klas, Mr. J. Zemsky
IATA Speaker Mr. Gerry O’ Connell
Ops Working Group Leader Mr. Peter Oberhofer
Meeting Room  
Meeting Room
FAB CE SG Chairman Mr. Ivan Hubert



10 Dec 2009    

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the 7 States in FAB CE on 18th November 2009

The FABCE Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministries of Transport of the Republic of Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Slovenia has been signed at Bratislava on 18th November 2009.   
The purpose of this Memorandum is to establish a general framework of cooperation among the States, including their National Supervisory Authorities and respective military authorities, aimed at the establishment of FAB CE and to create the interfaces enabling the coordination between the States and ANSPs.
The States will endeavour to establish the FAB CE and to jointly proceed towards the conclusion of a FAB CE Agreement by the end of April 2010. To this end, the States will establish a FAB CE Preparatory Structure.

13 Oct 2009    

2nd FAB CE Stakeholders Workshop

The 2nd FAB CE Stakeholders Workshop will be held in Prague/Jenec, at Czech ANS premises, on 25th November 2009.
Agenda and registration form   

25 Aug 2009

1st FAB CE Newsletter

FAB Central Europe Project has issued its first newsletter    

1st FAB CE Newsletter   

22 Apr 2009    

Implementation Schedule for the Initial Scenario (ISIS)

On 22/04/2009 the FAB CE Provisional Coordination Council (PFCC ) agreed the Implementation Schedule for the Initial Scenario (ISIS) , approved on 25/03/2009 by the FAB CE CEO Committee.
ISIS is the first key deliverable of the FAB CE Preparatory Phase, developed under the FAB CE ANSPs’ Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC).

01 Apr 2009

Jane’s ATC Award 2009

The FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) Project has been awarded Jane’s ATC Award 2009 as best contribution to European ATM.


FinalATC Awards Brochure


12 Mar 2009

FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop

The 1st FAB_CE Social Dialogue Workshop was successfully held in Zagreb on 25 February 2009. See outcome in Events.
The FAB CE Social Dialogue Workshop was held in Zagreb on 25 February 2009, attended by all concerned National Staff representatives/Unions, from the 7 ANSPs.

Working papers
Information paper to social partners
Minutes from the FAB_CE 1st Social Dialogue Workshop




14 Nov 2008

Provisional FAB CE Coordination Council

The Provisional FAB CE Coordination Council (PFCC) has been created on 14 November 2008. The PFCC is responsible for determining a common position for the Parties in respect of all matters relating to the processes connected with the preparation and implementation of Functional Airspace Block Central Europe (FAB CE).

11 Nov 2008

FAB CE Prep Phase PMP

The FAB CE Preparatory Phase Project Management Plan (PMP) was approved on 11 November 2008.

06 Aug 2008

FAB Central Europe Leaflet

Approved by SG a Leaflet on FAB CE activities, visible under Documents.


12 Jun 2008

Ministerial Conference

On 12 June 2008 at a Ministerial Conference in Luxembourg, the Ministers of the seven States signed a Declaration of intent to establish FAB CE while starting the process of termination of the CEATS Agreement. As a next step, the States agreed to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) setting the frame in which a formal FAB Agreement would be negotiated.

05 Jun 2008    

FABCE ANSPs have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC)

The CEOs of FAB Central Europe (CE) attended the Constitutional Meeting of the CEOs’ Committee, in Budapest on 30 May 2008. The 7 ANSPs signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), to further progress with the FAB CE preparation, developing a FAB CE Implementation Plan. A Project Charter is being prepared.

24 Apr 2008    

CCG/20 approved the FAB CE Feasibility Study

The CEATS Coordination Group (CCG) held its 20th Meeting at EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels on 28 March 2008. Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Slovenia approved the FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) Feasibility Study and decided to take further steps towards the detailed definition and implementation of a FAB.

As a first step, the States have agreed to establish a Memorandum of Understanding setting the frame in which a formal FAB Agreement would be negotiated. A declaration of the Ministers of Transport is expected in June.

In addition, the ANSPs of the seven States have undertaken to negotiate and conclude with minimum delay a Memorandum of Cooperation under which the FAB CE Implementation Plan would be developed . This cooperation would also support the early implementation of some of the FAB elements by ANSPs, prior to the formal coming into force of the FAB Agreement, so as to deliver early benefits to the airspace users.

25 Mar 2008    

Approval of the FAB Central Europe Feasibility Study

The FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) Feasibility Study (FS) has been concluded on 29 February 2008 and approved by its Steering Group ( FAB CE SG). The FS is now presented to the CEATS Coordination Group (CCG)/20, meeting on Friday March, 28 2008, for acceptance by the CEATS states and further decisions.

The FAB CE project portfolio: innovating to improve performance

FAB CE is far more than just an alliance of air navigation service providers (ANSPs) formed to meet the legislative requirements of the European Commission’s Single European Sky programme, it is the catalyst and focal point for the delivery of pioneering performance-driven, trans-national air navigation services optimised through enhanced cooperation. Our portfolio of projects – launched on our own initiative and to comply with SESAR Deployment Programme objectives – spans a broad range of operational and institutional programmes (see figure one) which are already transforming ANS performance throughout the FAB CE airspace area. Engagement outside geographical area of FAB CE covers inter-FAB cooperation and cooperation with non-FAB CE and non-EU countries.

What we are working on now

The FAB CE X-Border Free Route Airspace (FRA) study, completed in April 2017, provides a baseline evaluation of the feasibility of implementing FRA and has defined the operational and technical pre-conditions for the introduction of the procedure throughout the FAB CE area. Among its findings are that the unrestricted FAB CE level cross-border FRA concept provides the desired benefits for airspace users in terms of horizontal flight efficiency while no difference could be identified in vertical flight efficiency.

The X-Bone HW Procurement is the first of our joint smart procurement projects. FCE Aviation Services, set up to manage joint procurement on behalf of all FAB CE ANSPs, signed its first equipment contract on 15 June 2017. The contract was with S&T Slovenija, to deliver common regional telecommunications infrastructure to six ANSPs to support seamless exchange of data between FAB CE member states. Under the single contract, the company is supplying common CISCO routers used to ensure seamless exchange of a range of messages including surveillance data, aeronautical messages, and to support On-Line Data interchange (OLDI) between FAB CE member states.

Our Surveillance Infrastructure Optimisation programme is developing coordinated infrastructure planning and maintenance so when new surveillance systems are planned we will be able to increase surveillance coverage and reduce duplication efforts throughout the entire FAB CE airspace area. We are also conducting a single feasibility study - including a cost-benefit analysis - on implementing a regional tracker, leading to a "make-or-buy" decision.

Our Arrival Management (AMAN) LOWW study covers the implementation of basic AMAN functionalities for flights into Vienna airport, replacing legacy systems with new advanced arrival management systems built into the Topsky system at use in the TERM Unit at Vienna. It is the first step on the roadmap to an extended AMAN procedure which, in later stages, could allow for the exchange data between arriving aircraft into Vienna and ATM units in FAB EC neighbouring states.

Deployment Manager-related programmes

From April 2017 airlines and other airspace users have benefitted from safer and more on-time performance as a result of the introduction of short term air traffic flow capacity management measures (STAM) throughout FAB CE airspace as a result of dynamic airspace management (DAM)/STAM project activities. FAB CE FMP (Flow Management Position) operators can now flexibly introduce traffic-overload prevention measures in response to the actual demand on the system by targeting individual flights with a STAM – through the use of level-capping for aircraft already airborne or introducing “take-off not before” (TONB) actions at airports. In this way, locally preferred solutions to local traffic overload challenges can be applied rather than having to resort to large-scale regulations which impact many flights.

Projects in the pipeline

We have begun a number of projects aimed at the long-term improvement of ANS performance throughout the FAB CE area, improving safety, reducing costs and delays and lowering the overall environmental burden caused by increased flight numbers in our region.

With our NAV optimization project we will develop processes for coordinated navigation system infrastructure planning and maintenance, which will lead to a proactive consultation process and a FAB CE-wide information exchange regarding navigational systems that will increase cost-effectiveness. Our FAB CE system-wide information management (SWIM) PKI security protocol and Cyber-Security programme involves an exchange of information between ANSPs in the process of implementation of SWIM cyber-security to enable SWIM services across FAB CE. In the context of SWIM, there is also the potential for a common procurement of FAB CE SWIM infrastructure components.

We have also identified a number of areas where a group of FAB CE ANSPs do not have local implementation projects identified but wish to cooperate on procurement. These comprise:

* Upgrade/implementation of Aeronautical Information Exchange System/Service;

* Upgrade/implementation of Meteorological Information Exchange System/Service;

* Upgrade/implementation of Cooperative Network Information Exchange System/Service; and

* Upgrade/implement Flights Information Exchange System/Service.


Finally, further study work will be required to synchronise the deployment of FRA in the FAB CE area to maximise user benefits. The project will be defined as and when needed.