Call for papers for May 2019 Rome workshop: “Interdependencies with ATM Performance in the context of a dynamic environment”

Applicants have until 10 November 2019 to submit an abstract to present a paper at the research workshop Interdependencies within ATM Performance in the context of a dynamic environment taking place in Rome 14-15 May 2020.


Organised by BLUE MED FAB and FABEC in partnership with the German Aviation Research Society (G.A.R.S.) and the University of Bologna, the forum brings together academics and practitioners for an exchange of experience and ideas and will explore the key performance areas commonly used to measure the performance of air traffic management and analyse the relationship between the four areas of safety, capacity, environment and cost-efficiency.

According to the organisers:

“Over the past decade these have become established as the key reference points of ATM legislation and service, and yet their delivery is directly impacted by the trade-offs and interdependencies that exist between them. The debate will focus in particular on the concept of moving from a quantitative and cost-oriented approach to a qualitative one aiming to provide the right service at the right location at the right cost. It will examine positive and negative aspects of interdependencies between performance areas, and the role of changing external factors in a regulatory system aiming for long-term stability. Academics and students are invited to submit their work, as theoretical or empirical papers, as well as case studies and best practise contributions from aviation and other industries. As research is always work in progress, we encourage scholars to present their work at any stage.”

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The abstract should include author(s), research question, data gathering, analysis methodology and expected results as pdf or word file (one page in length) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..