Final programme and speakers confirmed for May-14/15 fragmentation workshop

The final programme and speakers have been confirmed for the Fragmentation in Air Traffic Management research workshop to take place on 14-15 May 2019 in Budapest, organised by FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) and FAB Europe Central (FABEC) in partnership with the FSR Florence School of Regulation and the German Aviation Research Society (GARS).

The event brings together high level representatives of national and European policy-making institutions, air navigation service providers, research organisations and academic organisations to understand the impact of fragmentation on ATM system performance and whether current assumptions on the impact of fragmentation are indeed valid.

Speakers from the Hungarian Ministry for Innovation and Technology, the European Commission, Eurocontrol and Functional Airspace Blocks throughout the continent will share their views on a wide range of topics associated with the core subject matter, including the impact of fragmentation on the aviation chain - especially in respect to the performance of the ATM system in terms of safety, capacity, environment and cost-effectiveness - the practical consequences of fragmentation on air traffic operations and what models are available to address the benefits and disadvantages of fragmentation.

The conference will be held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Széchenyi István Square 9, 1051 Hungary.

For further information or to register please contact: FAB CE - Vilmos Somosi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or FABEC - Matthias Whittome (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Practical Information

Programme (Last updated May 13)

FAB CE Organisation

State Level Structures

State level structures are responsible for the implementation and operation of FAB CE in line SES legislation. The FAB CE Agreement establishes the following state-level structures: 

  • FAB CE Council

Established as the highest joint decision-making body for the purposes of the implementation, operation and further development of the FAB CE Agreement.

  • Joint Civil Military Airspace Coordination Committee (JC-MACC)

Established to institutionally cover civil/military cooperation in respect to FAB CE operations, aiming at strategic coordination of national airspace management and airspace design policies, ATFCM processes and civil-military cooperation of all FAB CE States.

  • National Supervisory Authorities Coordination Committee (NSA CC)

Established to exercise the tasks outlined in the FAB CE and NSA Cooperation Agreements.
If deemed necessary for implementation, operation and further development of the FAB CE, the FAB CE Council may establish other bodies.

ANSP Level Structures

ceoc smallIn line with anticipated enhanced cooperation among ANSPs in FABs, the FAB CE ANSPs have established the following cooperation structures through the ANSP Cooperation Agreement: 

  • CEO Committee
    Established as the high-level decision-making body responsible for taking all necessary and appropriate decisions to facilitate ANSP cooperation.
  • FAB CE Steering Committee
    Established as the body responsible for directing the work of sub-committees and other structures. It is responsible for coordinating and monitoring ANSP cooperation.
  • Programme Management
    Established to support projects and manage deliverables from projects. Other tasks include requesting and receiving regular reports from project leaders and evaluating risks and change.
  • Sub-committees at executive/working level
    Established to carry out ANSP cooperation in specialist areas. To this end, sub-committees have been formed to cover operations, technical matters, financial matters, safety, human resources and training activities. Other sub-committees may be established, if necessary.

FAB CE Common Entity (FCE)

FAB CE formally set up a legal entity in October 2014, when the members established the joint venture company "FAB CE Aviation Services". The FAB CE legal entity (FCE) is a limited company registered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and is responsible for the support to the implementation of the FAB CE programme.