Welcome to FAB Central Europe


FAB CE is a joint Initiative of 7 States and ANSPs from Central Europe. The Participating States are : Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. The respective participating ANSPs are: Austro Control, BHANSA, Croatia Control, ANS CR, HungaroControl, LPS SR, Slovenia Control.

To meet the future needs of a growing air travel and transport industry, European Air Traffic Management (ATM) needs to become more flexible, harmonised and seamless. The European Commission’s Single European Sky (SES) initiative aims for the unification of European airspace. Today, the sectorisation of airspace is still based on national borders, and the sky above Europe is fragmented. SES is aimed at creating a common European airspace independent of national frontiers, which will be organised exclusively in accordance with operational requirements and will thus help to make aviation safer, more efficient and cheaper. The creation of Functional Airspace Blocks such as FAB CE independent of national boundaries will optimise airspace usage and capacity, making the flow of air traffic over Europe more efficient.